Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Most people think of roaches as pests

Most people think of roaches as pests. Yet only 5 or so out of 4,000 species of roaches are household pests. Roaches adapt easily to their surroundings, although they are typically found in warm areas. They are mostly omnivores, but there are some species that eat wood. They are fast and very hardy, and can survive without food for a long time, without air for up to forty five minutes, and being submerged in water for half an hour. It is believed that roaches would survive a nuclear holocaust, and they certainly have a higher resistance to radiation than humans. As pests, they can leave trails of bacteria with their feces and cause allergic reactions in humans.

But as pets, they are colorful, entertaining, and easy to care for. There are many beautiful specimens to choose from in the pet trade. The hissing cockroach is probably the most well known. Blaberus Craniifer, the true death head roach, is a lovely specimen that has the death head image on the back of its head. Feeding is simple, grind up some dry dog food and grain, or buy commercial roach jelly online. Misting is helpful, as some like to lick the drops off the side of the aquarium. Some are good climbers, and an inch of vaseline around the top of the aquarium will keep them inside. They can be held easily, although you should wash your hands after. Breeding is easy, just keep a male and female together, and soon you will have lots of babies. The dubya roach is often used as a food source for other pet insects.

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