Saturday, July 14, 2012

Entertaining superhero comics

 Super heroes have inspired imaginative kids and adults alike for decades now and continue to do so through multiple media of entertainment. Often, after reading through a particularly entertaining super hero comic book or watching a similar movie or TV show, one finds oneself daydreaming, thinking what it would be like to possess extraordinary powers.
The following list was compiled in a similar moment of “inspiration” (yes, we daydream too), keeping everyday life in perspective.
Telepathy – the ability to hack the one thing that stores the thoughts and controls the actions of all sentient beings – is probably the most “unfair” super power of the lot. Whenever you’re sitting in an exam, stuck on a particularly hard question, haven’t you ever wished you could scan through the minds of those around you?
Being able to move objects with thought would be a dream come true for every lazy guy/couch potato out there. It has its cons though – the less you move, the fatter you get. But that shouldn’t matter once you learn how to use the ability for self-levitation.
Enhanced Intelligence
I know what you’re thinking. But being intelligent doesn’t necessarily have to mean being good at math and the likes. Having this perk could, in theory, mean being smarter than Einstein or wittier than Seinfeld.
Super Strength
An obvious choice and probably the first that comes to mind. Who doesn’t want to be as strong as Superman? It’s every little kid’s dream – making bullies quake in their boots.
Super Speed
Time is money. If you could turn seconds into minutes and minutes into hours, you would find it very hard to run out of time. Also, when you’re fast enough to run on water, things likebeing punctual or winning gold at the Olympics become easy as pie.
Since they haven’t invented pocket jetpacks yet, the ability to fly (without having to buy expensive airplane tickets or doing drugs) is still on the general super power wish-list. Personally, I would prefer the conventional version of the ability, the one that doesn’t involve having wings. Managing them would be a nuisance.
There aren’t a lot of things that are better than having the ability to travel anywhere at any time with the speed of thought. Not only does it sound like fun (duh), it’s the most lucrative transport solution (unless you’re a short-range teleporter).
Other than soldiers, secret agents, ninjas and professional magicians, this ability would greatly benefit the common thief. Also, it would be a great way to get out of an awkward situation.
Shape Shifting
This super power would make an undercover agent’s job a lot easier. Day to day application, you ask? Why, pranks of course! And then there’s the money you’ll be saving on every Halloween and all the girls you could be swimming in once you shape-shift into Edward Cullen.
Rapid Regeneration
With a super-human healing factor, giving Death the slip becomes easy as pie. It’s not immortality, but its close (sixty is the new twenty) and it makes limb dismemberment seem about as serious as a paper cut.

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