Saturday, July 14, 2012

Live-action Video Game Ads

 There aren’t a lot of things that can get a gamer excited more than a live-action realization of his favorite video game. Honoring the gaming community’s enthusiasm towards live-action video game TV spots, we have compiled a list of ten of the best. Dig in.
Call of Duty: Black Ops – There Is a Soldier In All Of Us
Featuring Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel, this live-action TV-spot for the latest installment of the best-selling Call of Duty franchise is creative, smart and full of guns, copters and explosions. ‘Nuff said. [Watch]
Halo 3: Landfall
Filled with a variety of guns, vehicles and characters from the Halo universe set in an intense battlefield scene, this vastly popular live-action short film cum commercial is what made thousands of die-hard Halo fans drool uncontrollably in anticipation of Halo 3. Truly epic. [Watch]
World of Warcraft: Mini-me Commercial
Verne Troyer a.k.a. Mini-me plays “master of the arcane” in this short and funny (no pun intended) TV spot for one of the most popular MMORPGs of all time. [Watch]
Guitar Hero: World Tour – Heidi Klum Commercial (NSFW)
From among a series of Guitar Hero commercials showing celebrities prancing around in their underwear, this one probably raised the most eyebrows (and other things). [Watch]
Halo 3: ODST – We are ODST
Reminiscent of scenes from Saving Private Ryan, this commercial walks us through the life of an ODST soldier, from training to battle with a touching, slow-paced soundtrack playing in the background. [Watch]
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – A Few Inches of Metal
For fans of the Metroid series and its iconic protagonist – the hot-lady-in-the-metal-suit known as Samus Aran – this commercial is pure gold. It shows a live version of Samus walking down a street as pieces of metal engulf her to form her power-suit. [Watch]
TimeShift: Convenience Store Fight
This action-packed TV-spot for TimeShift shows the time-travelling protagonist of the sci-fi First Person Shooter zipping around, dodging bullets and taking down two clueless convenience store robbers to save the day. [Watch]
Metal Gear Solid: Suicide Mission
This 1998 commercial for Metal Gear Solid advertises, in its own funny way, the uber-challenging gameplay that the game has to offer. [Watch]
Super Mario Bros. 3: He’s Back
For a commercial from the 90’s, this one is quite impressive. The ad shows thousands of people chanting “Mario” repeatedly as the camera zooms out to show them forming a huge smiling Mario on the face of the Earth. [Watch]
Guitar Hero: Metallica – Metallica Versus the Coaches
Featuring Metallica and famous college basketball coaches Rick Pitino, Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams and Bob Knight, this Guitar Hero commercial rips on the usual underwear-themed Guitar Hero ads. The ad has a follow-up commercial that is equally hilarious. [Watch] [Watch Ad Sequel]

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