Monday, July 16, 2012

Valentines Day Gift Idea

 There is no limit to the cash you can spend on your loved ones on Valentine’s day but it’s the thought that counts right? Sure, nothing says “I love you” more than a gift expensive enough to drive you dangerously close to bankruptcy, but a lavish gift isn’t always the best one. Out of good ideas for a Valentine’s day gift? Well, the following list is just for you. Read on.

An obvious and conventional choice – Valentine’s day chocolate boxes to warm you loved one’s heart.
A necessary addition to spice up your special evening.
Scrapbook of Love
Bind together all of your love letters, photos and memories in the form of a book and hand it to your Valentine. 
A classic yet practical gift for the man you love in the color that suits him best. Or if your looking for something unusual, try novelty ties.
Flowers work like magic on women. Just remember to find out her favorite ones well before hand. Get a lavish bouquet put together and couple it with a homemade Valentine’s day card or a romantic poem of your own for added effect.
There aren’t a lot of women out there that don’t like jewelry. Lockets, earrings and bracelets are no-brainers if you can afford the price tag that comes with good quality. Note: The jewelry doesn’t have to be heart shaped.
Candle Light Dinner & a Movie
There’s nothing more romantic than a candle light dinner in a classy restaurant. Follow it up with a movie of your loved one’s choice and you get a complete, enjoyable evening. Don’t forget to book that table!
Customized Photo Frame
A customized photo frame bearing your Valentine’s name and your own encasing your most priced photograph together definitely says “I love you”.
Bed and Breakfast Getaway
A memorable day away from the world – just you and your special someone in the comfort of a luxurious lodge.
Homemade Valentine’s Day Card
If your low on dough, don’t just grab a card off a gift shop shelf. Design a card with your own hands and try to be creative with it. Sometimes, the smallest of gestures have the greatest effect.

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  1. like the post and the idea..thanks you share it with us as i might need it when design Gift Card envelopes.