Monday, July 2, 2012

Wonderful Art by Ben Heine

 What exactly is (Digital) Circlism ? This is a modern artistic expression, a mix between Pop Art and Pointillism. It is made with digital tools (this is just a personal definition) says Ben Heine.
In my opinion, the most important thing to focus on before starting that kind of project is to understand the dynamic movement of someone’s face. I usually apply each digital circle individually on a black background with a sharp round brush in Photoshop CS4 (it could be any other graphics creation software).
It is also essential to pay attention on the aspect of each circle (changing slightly the size and color for every circle is always better). That’s the difficult part, because there can be several thousands circles in a single portrait. It has to be done with harmony, according to the main lines and dynamism of the subject represented.
I usually make bigger circles in the lighter areas of the subject and smaller circles in the darker places. This gives more volume and a 3D illusion. There is no limit, it’s a new technique and I think there is much more to do with it.

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