Monday, September 10, 2012

Climbing Fuji Mountain

 Perhaps in the list of must visit places of each tourist coming to Japan climbing Fuji is a necessary item. The season of Fuji climbing is open from July to the end of August. Later one may climb only with a guide.
Ready to climb!
Kids and adults both participate.

The first flophouse. Drying clothes.
Ready to go further!
From there they have come...
Other flophouses on the 7th tier.
Over the clouds
Wonderful sunrise
Looking below
Martian Fuji in the morning rays of light.
Ocean of the clouds.
Closer to the desired point.
You are going up, someone is going down. What do you feel? You envy them!
These ones go up.
Those go down.
Not much remains.
And the peak finally!
It was the last part of the ascent.
The higher you go the more expensive things become. Remember this.
The peal remained behind.
This monster brings food, drinks, fuel etc. to the flophouses.
Do you want to climb Fuji too? Do it until it erupts for the next time.

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