Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hot Springs Of Pamukkale

Hot springs have been known to people since ancient times. Water descending hillslopes forms a cascade of reservoirs with limestone walls. Extremely white terraces were formed in the result of salt deposition from springs which are rich in calcium.

Walking along the terraces if forbidden. The only exception is formed by an area that was particularly chosen for tourists where even swimming is permitted.
The mountains can be attended 24 hours a day.
Ruins of an ancient city Hierapolis are located close to the hot springs.
Cleopatra pool with mineral water is also open for tourists. According to the legend, the Egyptian queen used to swim here.
Roman bath-house built here and later destroyed by an earthquake was substituted for the pool.
An amphitheater is one of three ancient amphitheaters in Turkey. It can embrace 15000 spectators.
The largest necropolis in Turkey is also situated in Hierapolis.
Pamukkale has 17 different kinds of hot springs. Its temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius.

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